Timeless Ghost Stories: Four Haunted Tales from the Dead of Night

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“The noisesome beings were on the move again. Charlotte could hear them drawing near. Fear clutched her in a cold, hard fist and squeezed.
            Nanny Helen’s chair set to rocking again, then quickened. You will not drive me out! Charlotte wailed soundlessly. This is my home!
The knob on the nursery door rattled. There was a laugh—a sharp, disagreeable sound—then a muttering and a fumbling at the lock.
The door creaked slowly open.
With mounting horror, Charlotte watched.”  from The Intruders

Faithful in spirit to the traditional ghost story, these dead-of-night tales are a chilling treat. While peering into the dark, eerie heart of the spirit world and hauntings, they ask, “Who’s there, and why?”, with unexpected replies. Ranging from the mystifying to the whimsical, the alarming to the poignant, these haunting tales are a must read for all ghost story fans and fans of the paranormal.

Included in this book: Coming Home, third place winner of the 2010 Scare the Dickens Out of Us contest; And the Sea Shall Comfort Thee, first featured in Dreams & Visions, a publication of Skysong Press.