May 3, 2012

Wake Up And Smell The Coffin


This ghoulish little entry was sent to me by poet and songwriter, Dean Farnell. Thought you might have some fun with it, too. Info about the author follows.

 Wake Up And Smell The Coffin.


Its so boring down the coffin shop
Where no-ones full of beans.
The deadly silence makes me tired
I know it sounds obscene.

I spend my days just cleaning
All the brass and wood veneer.
I'd like a more exciting job
I wish to make that clear.

The customers never argue
The radio's always off.
The smell of wax and polish
Has given me a cough.

Without a sound all morning
The days all seem mundane.
The clock is loudly ticking
Only 5 more hours remain.

When it gets to 3 o'clock
The coffins look inviting.
The silk and padded inlays
Look cozy and exciting.

The casket looked so comfy
So I took a little nap.
I hope the boss won't catch me
Or I'm sure to face the sack.

It not so bad and I'm relieved
That this coffin isn't mine.
I Suppose I should be grateful
For my dead end pastime.

 About Dean:
Quirky Songwriter and Horror Writer with original songs and poems which have been used in theme music on U.S. TV Radio stations, & Magazines, and one song has recently won an I.A.I.R.A. International Association of Independent Recording Artists Top 10 award.

Likes classic sci fi horror films and writing quirky songs and have had 14 indie chart no1 songs, have written various radio station jingles, and have appeared on many podcast/radio stations in the UK and USA. Current news is Ghost on the stairs, a track I've written is to feature in a new novel titled Rock & Roll ghost stories and songs feature in Ontology TV and The Late Night at the Horror Hotel & Suzie D.Rotts Warehouse of Terror TV shows also feature my songs. Horror poems now feature in top horror mags.
Thanks, Dean!
Happy Hauntings!

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