April 12, 2012

To My Timeless Ghost Stories Readers

A special request to all of my visitors who have read Timeless Ghost Stories: Four Haunted Tales from the Dead of Night on their Kindle:

If you enjoyed the book (which of course, I expect you did!), would you take a few minutes to tell other people about it? You can do this by creating a Customer Review on Amazon.

It’s fairly straightforward. Here’s how:

Go to Amazon.com
Log in and click on YOUR ACCOUNT link (top right)
Click on Manage Your Kindle
Click on + next to title of the book
Click on View Product Page
Scroll down to Customer Reviews
Click on Create Your Own Review button
Write your positive review

Thank you for taking the time. Believe me, your feedback is appreciated. Also, it will help others to find my book and get a chance to enjoy it, too.

Happy Hauntings,

P. A. Peirson

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