March 4, 2012

Our Gray Lady

Not all brushes with the supernatural require darkness, shadows, or uncertain lighting. Mine happened under the full glare of incandescent lights.
Eusapia Palladino's Paris Seance

It was evening. The house was quiet. I was home alone, puttering around the living room doing some post-Christmas clean-up while my husband was out running errands. We've a bad habit of leaving lights on everywhere, so not only the living room and dining room were well lit, but the stairway and upstairs hall were, as well.

My back was to the stairs. As I leaned over to put something in a box, the hair on my neck suddenly rose. Turning quickly, I looked up to see a shadowy figure pass through the upstairs hall and disappear from my line of sight. It made no sound.

For a moment, I couldn't move, but just stood there staring and listening and feeling very cold.

Blessedly, the shock faded and with it the certainty that I’d seen a ghost. When my husband got home, I told him what had happened, fully expecting him to laugh. But he looked at me in dead seriousness and said, “Yeah, I’ve seen her, too." He went on to describe a woman, small and dressed in gray. Then he told me about the times he’d caught a glimpse of her crossing the hall, usually going towards our bedroom.

Why hadn’t he mentioned her before? He thought I would laugh.

I’ve not seen our gray lady since, but sometimes my cat, when she’s with me in the upstairs bedroom, will stop what she's doing and stare and stare at the hallway door. Gives me the creeps. Clearly, some ghosts don’t need an eerie setting.

Happy Hauntings,

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