March 25, 2012

Casting Call for Haunted Houses

For all of you interested in real stories of the supernatural, there’s a spooky new reality TV show brewing.  The focus will be haunted real estate. Currently, entertainment company Zodiak USA is seeking haunted, notorious, or just plain spooky homes (nationwide) that are up for sale. As the ad goes:

Does your house have an eerie history that you just can't live with? Perhaps you're sharing your home with forces from the spirit world? Maybe a grueling murder took place there years ago and the story still haunts you? If you're trying to sell your haunted house, we want to talk to you!

So, if your home is fortunate or unfortunate enough to qualify as a haunted house, email your story to:

You’ll need to include the following: your name, contact information, city/state in which you reside, what makes your house haunted, notorious or spooky, any news articles relating to the haunted house and a current photo of your house and family.

Happy Hauntings!

P. A. Peirson

1 comment:

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