February 28, 2012

Who Likes a Good Ghost Story?

Thinking over all that I want to talk about and share with you through this blog, a question popped into my head: Why do we like ghost stories? Why is the ghost story genre a perennial favorite?

Interest in ghost stories may wax and wane, but it never, pardon the expression, dies. Why not? And in recent years, the fascination for true hauntings and the paranormal (as seen on TV!) has risen dramatically. Likewise, the interest in the traditional ghost story has experienced a revival. In the past decade or so, collections of classics have appeared by the dozens in Borders (R.I.P.)  and Barnes & Noble, as well as online. Seems you can’t keep a good ghost story down.

So, what do you think? Why do we continue to like ghost stories so much? They’ve been around for thousands of years, but our interest has not diminished.

 Have a favorite ghost story? Love to hear it!

Happy Hauntings,

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